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Tensioner pulleys

The Automotive Bearings range includes more than 350 references of CX® tensioner pulleys dedicated to most car engines used in Europe. 
The CX® pulleys consist of Nachi or NSK bearings and high-quality plastic reinforced with the ISONYL PA6+30GF glass fibre. In a part of the pulley, the plastic is replaced with metal. High quality components guarantee an even and stable operation and long life of each CX® tensioner pulley.
The tensioner pulley plays an important role in driving of the engine components. It is subject to significant loads as it prevents V-belt slippage, e.g. on the alternator or the AC compressor drive pulley. The manufacturers recommend the V-belt and tensioner pulley replacement every 5 years or after a specific mileage. Regular replacement of these parts ensures a trouble-free use of a car.