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Hub repair kits

Suitable bearing is a key element of a correct and safe vehicle’s wheels and suspension. The CX® hub repair kits are made with the safety, drive comfort and easy installation in mind. Depending on the design typical for a given make and year of production, the kits consist of a tapered bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation hub.

In addition to the set of bearings, the kits also include parts for subassembly replacement according to the repair technology recommended for a given vehicle model, i.e. nuts, bolts, sleeves, circlips, seals or retaining rings.

The Automotive Bearings range includes almost 1200 references of hub repair kits for majority of car makes and models driving on the roads. Our products feature a consistent and proven quality ensured as a result of a long-term cooperation with suppliers that know the CX® manufacturing standards very well and are trusted by us. 

Three generations of wheel hubs:

1st generation hub

A combined 1st generation hub has a double row angular contact ball bearing in a tight enclosure. One of the bearing inner races rests on the internal element of the drive system and the other race is pressed to the first race by the central hub nut. The 1st generation hubs often have a leak stopper on one side with an integrated magnetic ABS ring. Additionally, they are life lubricated. The bearing is a replaceable part in these hubs and can be removed or installed on a hydraulic press. 

2nd generation hub

A combined 2nd generation hub does not have the bearing outer ring as the race is made in a flanged hub. The vibrating parts of the brake system and the wheel are fastened to the flange. This solution reduces the number of parts, the production costs as well as the overall weight of the bearing assembly. Most importantly, the second generation module is replaced in whole if necessary. 

3rd generation hub

In a 3rd generation hub, the bearing has the function of the hub and the steering knuckle. The inner race is made in the hub and the flange is used for fastening the wheel suspension parts and the steering knuckle. This design makes the whole module lighter and easier to install. The 3rd generation hubs often feature built-in rotational speed sensors for the ABSs. Such modules are non-dismantlable and in case of failure they are replaced in whole.