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Bearings for cars

Automotive Bearings offers a wide range of CX® wheel bearings for most car makes and models. The good quality of these products ensures their long and safe use which is extremely important as the correct operation of bearings has a fundamental importance for the drive comfort and safety.

The traditional solution for the wheel hub bearing is to use two tapered bearings installed back-to-back. A big advantage of this solution is that it allows for the replacement of a damaged bearing at a minimum cost. Of course, it requires a lot of accuracy during assembly, as tapered bearings are sensitive to assembly errors. Newer designs use double row angular contact ball bearings. This saves space, also in the axial direction, in comparison to two tapered bearings, which is very important for designers. In addition, the use of double row angular contact ball bearings facilitates the assembly, and the sealed bearing is lubricated for life. 

The task of the bearing is to reduce the vehicle rolling resistance, hence the wear and tear is a normal process resulting from the car use. In addition, the bearing is exposed to factors that reduce its life, such as water which causes corrosion, speed that does not match the bumpy road which causes bearing race damage and generates vibration in the wheels, and also impurities such as dust and sand that penetrate into the bearing housing. 
The most frequent bearing wear symptom is its noisy operation, and also the noise of mechanical friction and whirr, and even vibration transmitted to the body and steering system.